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Whether you’re hitting the beach, hanging out with friends, landing that record-setting bass or swinging solo in your hammock, turn up the cool and let your true colors shine. With the Hungwell Bass Club collection of lived-in, low-stress tees, every day feels like the perfect lazy day.

Hungwell Bass Club uses the ever popular Comfort Colors line of premium t-shirts in the making of our fun, suggestive casual wear.  Our tees are made from only the finest materials available. For example, their unique garment-dyeing processes allow them to achieve that much desired worn-in and weathered look without the clothes losing shape or shrinking, since they wash them fifty times before they reach you. Yes, you read that correctly. Our t-shirts are washed fifty times before you get your hands on them…Boo-Yah! It also assures you that there’s never any shrinkage. I believe the Seinfeld character, George Costanza, said it best, “I just got out of the pool so you have to consider the shrinkage factor.” And with Hungwell Bass Club tees, the shrinkage factor never even comes into play. Believe me, no man (or woman for that matter) has ever liked “shrinkage”.

You may wonder why we put so much emphasis on beautiful women in our t-shirt designs and illustrations. Well, first of all, you don’t have to be a fisherman to wear our tees. And although fishermen seem to be our target audience, we also discovered that a wide variety of men and women of all ages enjoy the suggestiveness that our t-shirts elicit. Simply put, the men who wear our tees love women. They love to look at and enjoy their company as well as their beauty. It seems that whether they’re fishing, relaxing on the beach or merely sitting outside on a pier while the cool breeze blows in, they definitely prefer the company of a beautiful woman.

For the most part, women are drawn to the inaugural Hungwell Bass Club logo t-shirt because of its clean, unique design and veiled message. And the fact that we say what others are thinking, sets our fun, suggestive casual wear apart from other tees that flood a boring market of dullness.

So don’t be a little bed wetter.  Go get your “Hungwell On” and buy something nice for yourself.  Enjoy perusing our website and thanks for visiting us at Hungwell Bass Club.  And if you like what you see, please tell your friends.


S/S Think Outside the Box




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All of our Hungwell Bass Club collection of t-shirts are inspired by a story. This one inspired our “Think Outside the Box” tee.:

She had a summer job fueling up boats as they docked at the marina. I had gassed up the previous weekend and was hoping that Cheryl would be working today. As I pulled up to the dock, there she was, looking “too fine”. She bent forward toward the boat and held her hands out to catch the bow line. Somehow I managed to keep my gaze on her eyes instead of her cleavage but it wasn’t easy. Cheryl secured the line to the furthest cleat at the dock and as she slowly glided the fuel nozzle into the opening of the gas tank, she looked up seductively and asked, “Will that be all for you today?” …(for the rest of the story, go to “The Club Girls” tab).

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